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Volunteer Day

Join KMP staff for this month’s volunteer activity. Long pants and closed-toed shoes are recommended. Ages 10+. Participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Meet near Preserve restrooms for all activities unless otherwise noted.

Volunteer Day

 Join KMP staff for this month’s volunteer activity. Long pants and closed-toed shoes are required. Ages 10+. Participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. 


Fun4Seniors recognizes the important role of volunteers in providing a quality experience to thousands of participants each year. Fun4Seniors offers a wide variety of ongoing programs and events such as bridge tournaments, dances, discount tickets and transportation to sporting venues, fine art performances, museums, festivals, and special attractions in and around the greater Houston area. [...]


Without the support and commitment of hundreds of volunteers and businesses, Precinct 4’s community centers could not achieve the level of outreach and assistance they provide the community. Whether it is your time, financial contribution, or a donation of items for holiday gift bags, school supplies, or other programs, Precinct 4’s community centers need your [...]


Since opening to the public in 1974, Mercer has flourished from a strong volunteer base. Volunteers help with all aspects of the gardens. Choose from a variety of exciting positions, including garden assistant, administrative assistant, garden docent, financial specialist, collection curator, or special event planner. From building benches and propagating plants to organizing March Mart, the [...]


Volunteers fill a number of roles at Jones Park, from giving children a fun learning experience about nature or Texas history to sharing their talents behind the scenes. If you enjoy the outdoors, like working with people, or have a special skill, consider becoming a Jesse Jones Park Volunteer (JJPV)! Training is provided as needed [...]

Volunteer Spotlight: Darian Paul

When it comes to volunteering, 16-year-old Darian Paul chooses to follow her passions. Since becoming a Mercer volunteer at 13, the teen has participated in volunteer projects that correspond to her interests in art, science, and gardening. “I was always interested in science,” she said. “When I learned how cool butterflies were, I started doing […]

Volunteer Spotlight: National Charity League

Before becoming a mother, Robyn Soileau considered her volunteer experiences as some of the most meaningful in her life. Now, she’s excited to share those experiences with her daughter, Camille. “I’ve always enjoyed helping others,” said Soileau. “In the past, I worked as a pediatric physical therapist, where I helped children with special needs. Even […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Latin School of Chicago

Traveling the world, exploring the city, or trying something new is all part of the curriculum for students at the Latin School of Chicago. Every year during Project Week, students leave the classrooms to perform a service project or pursue a topic of interest in locations from Iceland to Uruguay. “The goal is to have […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Houston Zoo Collegiate Conservation Program

Mercer Botanic Gardens strives to match volunteers with their interests. When the Houston Zoo’s Collegiate Conservation Program contacted Mercer for a project this summer, they were tasked with removing several types of invasive plant species encroaching on the park’s conservation nursery border. Since 2011, the group has partnered with organizations across the Houston area on […]