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Communications May 8, 2019

What’s in Bloom at Mercer Botanic Gardens

Wondering what’s in bloom at Mercer? Check out some of these beauties below!

Louisiana Iris

Not too many flowers thrive in a swamp, but the Louisiana iris is a gorgeous exception. Blooming from mid-April through May, this water-loving iris features blooms that come in a variety of colors with tough, sword-like leaves that grow several feet tall. Find these colorful plants throughout Mercer’s Hickory Bog.

Indian Pink

Texans can’t resist the scarlet brilliance of Indian Pink (Spigelia marilandica), a Texas native that grows near woodland areas. It sends up stems with one-sided spikes of scarlet flowers topped with a yellow, star-shaped lobe. This perennial is blooming now in the Native and Endangered Species Garden.

Purple Coneflower

Bluebonnets may be the state’s showiest wildflower, but purple coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea and hybrids) are the most enduring. Popping up in dense purple clusters, this perennial typically starts blooming in April and continues through winter. Perfect for dry, rocky areas and prairies, this classic flower is Hill Country royalty that can add pizzazz to any landscape.


These flowers are divine! Now in full bloom, larkspur features 4-foot-tall glowing blue, purple, pink, and white blooms. As a fun bonus, many people think the center of larkspur resembles the face of a rabbit. Find this plant in the Mercer Herb Garden and lining Mercer’s entrance.


There’s nothing like a field of daylilies in full bloom. Although blooms only last a day, flower stalks continue producing new blooms for up to three weeks. Mercer’s daylily collection, which lines the trails near the Tropical Garden, has just started forming buds that will bloom in May and June. Some rebloomers will continue blooming through summer.


Salvia is another reliable performer at Mercer. These heat-resistant and hardy plants feature tubular flowers that are magnets for hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees through summer. Texas sage (Salvia coccinea) comes in red, white and coral shades. Anise-scented sage (Salvia guaranitica) features blue and purple varieties.

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