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Communications March 8, 2019

Prepping for Spring

You may be wondering what you can do out in the yard this weekend and in the coming weeks to prepare for adding new spring color and plants around your home.

Check out these tips to prepare the soil in your flower beds, tidy up your edging, and get your yard ready to flourish this spring!

To prepare your flower beds, simply apply a top dressing of high-quality compost like Cotton Burr or Leaf Mold. You may be tempted to till or turn over the soil, but there’s already a fantastic ecosystem established there that’s best left undisturbed. Nutrients from the top will work their way to the bottom and enhance the properties of your soil.

You’ll also want to clear out any weeds from your beds and consider adding a weed preventer, unless you’re planting bulbs. Then you may choose to add a thin layer of mulch to act as an additional weed barrier, help retain moisture during dry periods, and serve an attractive feature to your home’s curb appeal.

You can also enhance the appearance of your flower beds by tidying up the edging of your flower beds. If it’s been a while since the trenches and shape of your flower beds were established, you might want to re-trench and consider cleaning up the stones or brick. Many times, homeowners don’t mind the look of moss that grows on stones. It can be considered an added color, or even texture, to your overall landscape design. But if you find the moss unsightly, you can spray a fungicide to get rid of the growth.

Now that your flower beds are ready, you’ll also want to prevent weeds from growing in your lawn too. What good is a beautiful garden without a lush healthy lawn to complement it? Try an effective pre-emergent that will stop weed seeds from germinating. But avoid weed and feed products that could be harmful to trees and shrubs in your yard.