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Communications May 23, 2019

Precinct 4’s Senior Adult Program Gets New Name

Goodbye, Senior Adult Program. Hello, Encore! Harris County Precinct 4’s Senior Adult Program has a fresh, new name to reflect modern attitudes about aging.

The Encore! program will continue to provide activities, volunteer opportunities, and day trips to adults over 50, just as Precinct 4’s Senior Adult Program has done for the past 27 years. But Jan Sexton, director of the Precinct 4 Encore! program, said the new name will help eliminate the negative stereotypes of aging.

“We don’t want to call our participants anything other than adults.” said Sexton. “We wish to focus on new ways to serve this growing population who challenge conventional thinking about aging and seek to discover and rediscover purposeful ways to make a difference throughout their lives.”

The name change comes after Precinct 4’s former Senior Adult Program conducted a demographic study on aging. The study found that not only were participants healthier and more youthful, but they craved new programs to fit their lifestyle.

“We began tailoring our programs several years ago to respond to this stage of life that included more active day trips and volunteer opportunities,” said Sexton. “We recognized that these adults are active, healthy, skilled, knowledgeable, and wise. So we combined educational and recreational opportunities with service to create social impact – which, in turn, creates purposeful lives!

To reflect this image, the senior adult program will be replaced with the new departmental name, Precinct 4 Encore!, starting June 1. Stay tuned for updates!

For more information on Precinct 4’s Encore Program, click here.