Name That Flower-January 2021

Area gardeners enjoy this nearly thornless evergreen plant for its lightly fragrant, miniature, double white blooms that appear in January and continue until early summer. It can grow up to 20 feet in length over a roof, fence, or arbor. It prefers full sun in well-draining soil. Unlike some modern varieties, it does not suffer from diseases like black spot and mildew, despite Houston heat and humidity.

William Kerr, a botanist and plant hunter sponsored by Sir William Banks, brought the specimen to England in 1807 from a nearly tropical part of China.

This plant is also popular in bouquets. White symbolizes new hope, innocence, and purity. Queen Victoria popularized this plant in bouquets at her wedding in 1840.

You can see it blooming on the arbor in the middle of the Legacy Life Walk at Mercer Botanic Gardens. While there, order a custom engraved paver in memory of a loved one or special occasion. To find out more details on this unique program, visit

May 2021 overflow with peace, hope, and renewal.

Can you name this plant?


REVEAL:  Rosa banksiae, the Lady Banks Rose “Purezza”