Name That Flower: April 2021

This cheerful spring flower was discovered by Robert Jameson in 1880 near a gold mine in South Africa. Native to the tropical regions in Asia, South America, and Africa, it comes in shades of pink, purple, yellow, white, and orange. Lasting up to 14 days in a vase, it is the fifth most popular cut flower in the world.

Unlike most flowers, it emits oxygen at night and is traditionally placed on nightstands as a sleep aid. Although loved by bees, butterflies, and birds, it repels deer, making it an excellent landscape option for rural areas.

The flower grows best in a sunny spot with weekly watering and feeding of a micronutrient-rich liquid plant fertilizer. The flowers are 2-5 inches in diameter, and the plant grows up to 24 inches tall. It does not like to be crowded and needs ample airflow to avoid developing a fungus. A perennial in zones 8-11, it prefers dry climates and grows well during the spring in Harris County.

It is the birth flower for April and makes a great gift for plant lovers.

Can you name this plant?



REVEAL: Gerbera Daisy