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Communications May 11, 2020

CYPRESS LOG: Summer 2020 President’s Message

Who would have thought three or four months ago that we’d find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic? COVID-19 has severely impacted all our lives. Some of us are now working from home. Others have either lost their jobs or are working fewer hours. Those in essential jobs are now working around the clock in potentially high-risk environments to provide food in the stores, keep us healthy, and protect us. We’re all feeling the stress and agony of isolation, separation from our friends and loved ones, and concern for the future.

During the stay-home order, Jones Park has been an oasis for many of us and a place to commune with nature. It has provided a place where we can get some much-needed physical exercise and get out of the house while practicing social distancing. Whether walking or biking on the trails, observing nature, or bringing a blanket and lunch for a picnic, we’ve been able to escape the emotional hardships of confinement.

Our local officials tell us that, as we come through this pandemic, we’ll need to return to normal gradually. Although nothing is certain, we hope to resume our traditional summer programs. The park staff is already working on contingency program plans. This is obviously a challenging undertaking and requires a great deal of flexibility.

As usual, to make the summer program a success, we’ll need a lot of help and support from our Jesse Jones Park Volunteers. It’s even more critical this year as we’re trying to hit a moving target that we can’t even see. As the park staff develops plans for our summer programs and seeks volunteers, please join in wherever you can, and just as important, be as flexible as you can. We’re all in this together.

Hope to see you back in the park soon!

– Gary