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Communications February 18, 2020

Aralen: Buying Online

COVID-19 Pandemic and panic

The epidemic of the new coronavirus, which began at the end of 2019, greatly scares people around the world. On March 10, WHO announced that the spread of the new disease had reached a pandemic. For many decades, civilized countries have not experienced cases of massive infection with more or less serious viruses or bacteria. Those epidemics that have occurred in the last twenty years, even if they were highly lethal, like the Middle East respiratory syndrome, then covered a much smaller population than the new coronavirus.
Since March, most European countries have introduced a high alert and even a state of emergency: some cities are quarantined, for residents of others self-isolation is strongly recommended. Serious perturbations in the economy of almost all countries of the world are observed. In general, an invisible but tangible enemy disrupted the usual course of life in literally all countries of the world. Most people are concerned about when scientists invent the vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus (2019-nCoV) and effective drugs to fight the new disease.

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Vaccines and Drugs

Work on the development of a vaccine against the Chinese coronavirus is already underway in a number of countries: Germany, Great Britain, Russia. So far, all these vaccines are in the phase of testing on animals, that is, only their prototypes are ready so far. In order for doctors to provide people with an effective and safe vaccine, at least six more months are required. In addition, it is quite possible that the coronavirus will mutate by that time, and the vaccine will not be properly effective.
What about remedies for treatment? Are patients still forced to receive only symptomatic treatment aimed at eliminating the bacterial and fungal complications of the viral infection?
Despite the fact that a specific drug effective against COVID-2019 has not yet been developed, the situation is not as sad as it seems. On February 4, 2020, laboratory studies conducted by the American FDA organization showed that the drug Aralen, which has been used for many years to treat malaria, extraintestinal amoebiasis and lupus erythematosus, also effectively prevents the spread of COVID-2019 virus in human cells.

Why Aralen?

Aralen is the trade name of the active substance Chloroquine, which belongs to synthetic antibacterial agents. It has an immunosuppressive effect, due to which its effectiveness is achieved against conditions such as lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis, that is, against autoimmune diseases. The fact is that most patients who are difficult to tolerate coronavirus infection suffer from an excessive immune response of the body to the introduction of the virus into the cells. It is the strong immune response of the body that causes severe fever, the development of pneumonia, respiratory failure, as well as the defeat of other body systems, up to the development of sepsis. This reaction is called a cytokine storm – the body begins to produce cytokines (compounds that are toxic to virus-infected cells). If the virus has already spread greatly in the body or causes a very strong production of cytokines, then they begin to literally poison and destroy our body. Different viruses have different effects on the production of cytokines. In the case of COVID-19, different people have very different scenarios for the development of the disease. At the same time, the virus of Spanish influenza, which caused the terrible epidemic after the First World War, almost always caused a lethal cytokine storm.
Aralen can be used both orally (in the form of tablets) as well as in the form of intramuscular or subcutaneous injections. Today, this medicine is used in the treatment of the new coronavirus COVID-2019. In the context of a flare-up pandemic, when in the very near future many patients simply may not have enough places in hospitals, as is already happening in Italy, it is optimal to have Aralen at home.

Aralen against Malaria

So far, we have only talked about using Aralen to fight the famous new coronavirus, because of which active life has suspended in more than a hundred countries around the world. However, usually everything new is in the focus of human attention, and the well-forgotten old infections continue their quiet but hard work to undermine the health of the population of our planet. Now they speak of coronavirus in governments, on television, in newspapers, on the radio, in social networks and in every living room in general. However, for some reason, everyone forgot that a disease such as malaria is far from defeated. It only seems that it has remained in the past, and the method of transferring malaria plasmodia – by malaria mosquitoes – seems ridiculous to many people. Meanwhile, according to WHO estimates, since the beginning of the XXI century, from 124 to 284 million cases of infection with malarial plasmodia occur every year, and from 367 to 755 thousand deaths from this disease are observed every year.
Of course, cases of malaria are observed mainly in third world countries, in particular in Africa, so the developed countries somehow forgot about this disease. Nevertheless, outbreaks of this disease are also found in a number of quite civilized Asian countries. In addition, don’t forget that in the modern globalized world, the number of tourists is increasing every year, in particular those who travel to hard-to-reach countries with a low standard of living, where a large number of malaria mosquitoes are found. This leads to the fact that malaria spreads throughout the world, far beyond the natural habitat of these insects. Fortunately, this disease is not transmitted from person to person. However, people can be sick with malaria for years; in some patients, malaria becomes chronic. It’s a pretty expensive price for visiting exotic countries, especially considering that the existing malaria vaccine is no more than 50% effective. In connection with this situation, travelers heading to disadvantaged regions on vacation or business trip are advised to take prophylactic antimalarial drugs. Aralen occupies a leading position among them, as it has fewer unpleasant side effects than other medicines of this kind.

Aralen and Amoeba

Aralen is also a popular treatment for unspecified amoebiasis and amoebic liver abscess. Amoebas are protozoa that enter the human body mainly from contaminated water. Amoebas live in the intestines, cause diarrhea, weakening of the body’s defenses, old people and children can develop amoebic dysentery.
The highest incidence of amoebiasis is observed in India. People can be infected even by accidentally swallowing a few drops of water while taking a shower. Therefore, when traveling to India or living in this country, Aralen is a truly indispensable remedy. It can both cure diseases caused by amoebas and prevent their development.

Purchasing Aralen Online

As we can see, quite a lot of people may need to have Aralen in their home medicine box. However, in some countries there may be problems with the purchase of this medicine – a prescription from a doctor may be necessary for its purchase, or this drug may simply not be available. In addition, in ordinary pharmacies the price of Aralen often, to put it mildly, doesn’t please consumers.
In such cases, buying Aralen online is a great choice. Many online pharmacies, both local and international, offer this medicine at more affordable prices, delivered by mail or to the door of your apartment (which is especially relevant now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic).
It doesn’t matter if you are afraid to be left without treatment in the face of the upcoming coronavirus or if you want to protect yourself in case of a trip to hot countries where malaria occurs, Aralen will not be superfluous. By ordering this medicine online, you will save money, because you will be able to easily find the cheapest offer without any hurry. Also, you can purchase Aralen as soon as possible without having to go to the doctor to get a prescription. Nevertheless, keep in mind that Aralen has a number of contraindications and can cause certain side effects, therefore, before use, we strongly recommend that you carefully read the instructions for use and if you have any questions consult your doctor.
When ordering Aralen online at an international, foreign or local online pharmacy, you make an online payment, so you must have an active Visa/MasterCard debit or credit card with a positive balance.