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The Towns that Built Precinct 4

By Joan Gould Much of the Greater Houston area’s growth and success stems from the days of farming, lumber, railroad, and oil. Today, many of the “old towns” in Precinct 4 have transformed into bustling destinations for tourists and locals with specialty shops, quaint restaurants, and festivals that give a nod to that past. Nestled […]

Tell Me About the Good Ole Days

By Kaci Woodrome The “good ole days” – times when things were done differently and usually remembered as better than the present. Of course, the good ole days look a little different for everyone. But there are a few favorite hobbies and activities that are timeless, spanning generations despite the ebb and flow of societal […]

Staying Connected to the Community

By Crystal Simmons If 2020 was the year of waiting, then 2021 might be the year of making up for lost time. Many people traded in friends, family, and vibrant social lives last year for a harsh new pandemic-imposed reality at home. But as the year progressed, many began searching for new ways to get […]

Precinct 4’s Top Historical Markers

Bayou Bend Location: 6003 Memorial Dr., Houston 77007. GPS: Latitude: 29° 45.540’. Longitude: 95° 25.307’. Bayou Bend consists of an American heritage collection displayed in a mansion built in 1927 by  William Hogg (1875-1930), Ima Hogg (1882-1975), Michael Hogg (1885-1941), and Thomas Hogg (1887-1949), the four children of the first native Texas governor, James Stephen […]

Keeping Precinct 4 Beautiful

By Crystal Simmons   There’s a famous stretch of Highway 290 so spectacularly beautiful that even harried motorists eager to reach their destinations sometimes pause for a photo or two, helpless against the allure of bluebonnets on a sunny day.    Less than 100 miles to the east in Harris County, motorists discard fast food […]