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How to Save Frost-Damaged Plants

By Brandi Keller Harris County Master Gardener Program Coordinator Frost and freeze damage may appear immediately or show up weeks later. When it does, many of us are left wondering if our plants can be salvaged. First and foremost, do not prune them. It’s not clear if all cold weather has passed, and pruning will […]

Name That Flower-March 2021 Leaflet

By Christy Jones This evergreen flowering plant in the tea family grows throughout the world, although it is native to southern and eastern parts of Asia. To thrive, it requires regular watering, moist, well-drained soil, and partial shade. Although beloved by gardeners across the Gulf Coast, this tough shrub can grow at altitudes of nearly […]

Five Texas Tough Tropicals for Harris County Landscapes

By Cheyenne Griffin Tropical gardens seem to glow and burst with color in the summer. They conjure images of cerulean waters lapping against white sand beaches that never fail to ease tensions and lift spirits. But when the first freeze hits, many of these vibrant tropicals wither and die, leaving winter gardens gray and lifeless. […]

Fun Fact: The Ugliest Orchid in the World

Orchids are usually showy, vibrant, and beautiful, but Gastrodia agnicellus, newly named this year from a forest in Madagascar, is quite the opposite. The nearly half-inch flowers of this orchid are small, brown, and some say ugly. After it’s pollinated, a stalk grows and forms fruit above the forest floor so that the dust-like seeds […]