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What’s Blooming This Spring at Jones Park

Spring in Texas is often associated with the beautiful wildflowers found along highways, waterways, and meadows across the state. Here are a few of our favorite Texas wildflowers, trees, and plants that you can expect to see this spring at Jones Park. • Autumn Sage (Salvia greggii) – Though this beautiful flower blooms year-round, early […]

Frogs Find Welcome Home in Harris County

By Martin de Vore Harris County Precinct 4 From the Bible to fairy tales to mythologies, most ancient texts tell of unlucky offenders cursed with a plague of frogs. Plague? A blessing would be more like it. Considering that most ancient cities sprang up next to rivers –thus suffering genuine plagues of insects like mosquitoes […]

Harris County’s Historic Ecosystems

By John Carey, Park Naturalist A visit to Harris County’s natural areas often reveals forests thick with vines, underbrush, and bushes. If it weren’t for trails, most hikers couldn’t travel more than a few yards. These forests weren’t always so dense. More than a century ago, Spanish explorers could ride horses for miles through our […]

Overwintering Wildlife at Jones Park

By Matthew Abernathy, Assistant Director Now that winter is here, the days are shorter, temperatures are lower, and many plants have died back. While some animals migrate south or enter a hibernation-like state called brumation, others remain active. Jones Park features plenty of wildlife to see throughout the winter. So next time you visit the […]