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Bald Eagles – Some of Jones Park’s Most Iconic Residents

By John Carey Lucky Jones Park visitors may spot a spectacular, welcome sight soaring along Spring Creek. With towering trees, fresh water, and an abundance of fish and wildlife, Jones Park provides an inviting habitat to the iconic bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus). Although Americans recognize the bald eagle as our national bird, few know the […]

Mercer Botanic Gardens Expert Shares Tips for Avoiding Online Seed Scams

We’ve all seen the rainbow-colored roses, purple sunflowers, blue bananas, and other fantastical plants filling popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay. These too-good-to-be-true offers usually feature boldly colored plants in vibrant hues that are impossible to find anywhere else. But are the offers legitimate? Jacob Martin, Mercer’s greenhouse manager, decided to test seeds from […]

Top Plants for Bringing Birds to Your Garden

Bees and butterflies often get the most attention in the gardening world, but birds also play a significant role in the landscape. They add song to your yard, pollinate the flowers in your garden, and control insect populations. So why not help these beneficial creatures and create a garden they won’t want to leave? To […]

A New Purpose for Mangum-Howell Center

Precinct 4 Encore! has always served the community by providing bus trips, volunteer activities, and recreational activities for adults over 50. So when the coronavirus outbreak began, staff had to find novel ways to help those in need. As reports of food shortages began surfacing, Jan Sexton, Precinct 4’s Encore! and community centers director, brainstormed […]