Work Order Descriptions

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Adopt A County Mile

Voluntary litter abatement program for Harris County Precinct 4 residents.

Basketball Goal Removal

Removal of basketball goals from county rights-of-way. Examples of applicable goals include a goal located on a county-maintained street from the sidewalk to the street or next to a curb.

Concrete Repair

Example: Repair a broken curb in front of a residence; this does not apply to driveway aprons that tie into curbs.

Culvert Maintenance

Cleaning or repairing a culvert.

Ditch Maintenance

Dig ditch to county grade specifications or report blockage.

Guardrail Repair

Repair of a guardrail.

No Parking Sign Request

Request for parking restrictions. This refers to general parking restrictions and does not relate to House Bill 327.

Nuisance Abatement

Examples of nuisances on private property include accumulated rubbish, standing water, conditions that harbor insects and rodents, abandoned swimming pools, high weeds, and dilapidated structures.

Road Markings

Crosswalks, road marking/painting, stop bars, striping, or road buttons.

Right-of-Way Maintenance

Mowing, trimming limbs, or removing trash within county road rights-of-way.

Road Widening/Extension

Road Repair

Pothole repair or a request for asphalt, limestone, etc.

Sidewalk Installation

Precinct 4’s Sidewalk Policy is limited to the installation of sidewalks from subdivision entrances to existing sidewalks on school property along curbed major thoroughfares. Precinct 4 funding for sidewalk improvements is limited. Sidewalk requests that do not comply with the Sidewalk Policy may be submitted to Precinct 4 for consideration provided:

  1. The request is made by a local agency, organization or association,
  2. The requesting entity enters into an Interlocal Agreement with Harris County for the sidewalk improvements and
  3. The requesting entity takes over responsibility for maintenance once construction is complete.

All requests will be scored and ranked at the end of each calendar year. Projects will be initiated yearly based on scoring criteria, justification and funding availability. All entities that have submitted a completed application will be notified at the end of the selection process. A requesting entity may move forward with sidewalk installation without Precinct 4’s participation, provided all Harris County standards and specifications are followed. All projects, prior to beginning any construction, shall have the required county, state and/or federal permits as required. Requests for sidewalk installation must be submitted using the Precinct 4 Sidewalk Request form.

Sidewalk Maintenance

If the sidewalk damage is caused by a leak (sinkhole) in the storm sewer, Precinct 4 maintenance crews will repair the sinkhole and sidewalk. However, Precinct 4 will only repair a sidewalk that has been damaged by a sinkhole. If the sidewalk damage is not the result of a sinkhole, Precinct 4 will not be able to accommodate the request. Sidewalks are typically installed by the developer as an amenity to the community, therefore, sidewalk repair ultimately is the homeowner’s responsibility, unless the damage is caused by a sinkhole as noted above.

Standing Water

Standing water next to a curb. For standing water in a ditch, please select ditch maintenance.

Speed Limit Analysis

Requests to lower or raise a posted speed limit outside of residential subdivisions.

Sign Maintenance or Installation

Sign or barricade repair, installation, or replacement.

Stop Sign Request

Requests for new stop sign installation. Note: Stop signs are used to control traffic at intersections and not to control speeding vehicles.

Traffic Signal/Intersection Improvement

Requests to install new traffic signals or to modify traffic signal timing. Contact 713-881-3210 to report blinking traffic signals.

Storm Drain Maintenance

Sinkhole repair or storm drain blockage.

School Zone Flashing Warning Signal

Note: Incomplete forms may cause delays in processing requests; please complete all required fields to ensure prompt processing.