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Volunteer for the Spring Plant Sale!

Do you miss viewing Mercer’s plant selections in person? Shoppers can browse hundreds of high-quality plants rarely found at local retail nurseries and “Mercer Grown” plants during The Mercer Society’s Spring Plant Sale on Friday, May 7, and Saturday, May 8. To make this special event a reality, Mercer needs volunteers to fill more than 100 […]

Volunteer Spotlight: CHATA

Homeschooling doesn’t always mean learning at home, at least not for the Christian Homeschoolers of the Atascocita Texas Area (CHATA). This outgoing group of students is passionate about giving back to the community and frequently participates in volunteer projects at Jones Park. These students do it all, from removing invasive plants to making repairs in […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Joe Naguit Dedicated to Recycling at Jones Park

by Brent Wilkins Joe Naguit, a member of the Jesse Jones Park Volunteers, understands the importance of aluminum recycling. He has spent the past two years volunteering to sort materials deposited in the JJPV aluminum recycling receptacle and take them to a nearby recycling facility. It’s an important job, given that cans are one of […]

Volunteering in Precinct 4: How and Why to Give Back to the Community

By Kaci Woodrome Donating time is one of the most precious gifts to anyone or any organization. But when it comes to volunteering, the options can seem endless and overwhelming, especially for a heavily populated area like Harris County that has so many nonprofits needing help from the community. Because the choices are difficult to […]

Volunteer Grants and Matching Gifts

By Christy Jones You don’t have to be wealthy to contribute thousands to your favorite nonprofit. Volunteers at Mercer Botanic Gardens have raised nearly $30,000 over the past few years through company and nonprofit gift matching programs. “Volunteer grants support Mercer Botanic Gardens and the Mercer Botanical Center in a phenomenal way,” said Suzzanne Chapman, […]

Volunteer Spotlight: National Charity League

Serving the community brings a special kind of excitement to the hearts of many, especially when it’s alongside those you love. That appeal is what drives many mothers and daughters to join the National Charity League, a volunteer organization created especially for mothers and their school-age daughters. Although NCL chapters are active across the nation, […]

Volunteer Meet & Greet

Interested in volunteering? Stop by the Nature Center for a casual gathering with staff and volunteers Learn about the variety of rewarding park volunteer opportunities. New volunteers welcome! Ages 16+.

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Second Sunday Pickers’ Bill Hunn

Few scenarios test the skills of a musician like a public jam session. Unlike reading music, jam sessions require players to improvise while keeping time and tune with others. When players work well together, the experience can be transcendent. “Playing with other people teaches musicians to keep time,” said Bill Hunn, the volunteer leader of […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Howard Rose

For Howard Rose, there’s nothing better than being outside. When most Harris County residents are blasting air conditioners during the hottest part of the summer, Rose is outdoors working with children as a Summer Nature Camp counselor. “Being outside is just so much fun!” said Rose. “I love the outdoors and want the kids to […]