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Volunteer Spotlight: CHATA

Homeschooling doesn’t always mean learning at home, at least not for the Christian Homeschoolers of the Atascocita Texas Area (CHATA). This outgoing group of students is passionate about giving back to the community and frequently participates in volunteer projects at Jones Park. These students do it all, from removing invasive plants to making repairs in […]

Know Your Precinct 4 History

By Taelor Smith A drive through Precinct 4 may reveal the same types of subdivisions, businesses, construction pockets, and vast areas of farmland found in any other area of Texas. What isn’t so obvious is the centuries of history hidden in northwest Harris County. Precinct 4 is home to nearly 50 historical markers that recognize […]

A Woman’s Place

By Katrina Yordy, Historical Program Coordinator History books are full of examples of daring men leading battles, making discoveries, and starting revolutions, while women rarely played more than small, supporting roles. Unfortunately, history books can only show a small snapshot of history. As a historical program coordinator, part of my job is piecing together and […]

Beat the Heat at Jones Park

Jones Park is full of hidden nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re looking for tree-lined trails, shady picnic areas, or swampy hideaways, this 312-acre park has it all. With summer fast approaching, we asked Jones Park staff members to give us the inside scoop on their favorite locations to stay cool. Check […]

Educational Recreation

THE CREEK Although the landscape of northeast Harris County has changed dramatically since pioneer times, a trip down Spring Creek reveals the same pristine forests familiar to the Akokisa-Ishak Indians who roamed the land more than 200 years ago. Thanks to the preservation efforts of past generations, Spring Creek boasts tens of thousands of acres [...]

Candle Making at Jesse Jones Park & Nature Center

  Candles are common accessories in most American homes. They add ambiance, scent the air, and mark celebrations. But for pioneers, candles weren’t just another frill – they were essential for reading, cooking, sewing, eating, and socializing after sunset. Because commercial candles weren’t available, and candle molds were an expensive luxury, most families created cheaper, […]

Second Saturday Settlers | Chinking

SECOND SATURDAY SETTLERS: CHINKING Saturday, 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.  Get your hands dirty with volunteers at the Redbud Hill Homestead. Mix clay, sand, and straw to create chink, the insulation pioneers used between logs on their cabins. Please visit or call 281-446-8588 for more information or to make a reservation. 

Akokisa Indian Village

Early 18th century Spanish, French, and Anglo explorers found about 3,500 Akokisa (or Orcoquisa) Indians living in Chambers, Galveston, Harris, and Liberty counties, and a major Akokisa village was located just across Spring Creek from Jones Park. The Akokisas were skilled at making dugout canoes from cypress logs and used them on nearby waterways for [...]

Historical Markers

There are 41 designated historical sites located within Precinct 4. To access information and photos of each historical marker, please click on the stars in the map below or click on the left-side navigation buttons. Precinct 4 thanks the Harris County Historical Commission (HCHC) for providing the majority of the marker information. For additional historical [...]