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Hamblen Road Project May Improve Edgewater Park Bookmark

New mobility improvements and recreational opportunities may be on the way for Kingwood and Humble residents. Harris County Precinct 4 is seeking funding to reroute a section of Hamblen Road in Kingwood around the outer edge of a new Precinct 4 park that will begin development in mid-2019.

Improving Safety Bookmark

Improving Safety
Statistically, left turns are one of the most dangerous maneuvers a driver can make, but that may change with the introduction of a new, more intuitive traffic signal at select intersections within Precinct 4. By the end of the year, Precinct 4 will begin replacing 43 traditional yield-on-green traffic signals with flashing yellow arrow left-turn signals. The new signals will improve traffic flow by giving drivers more opportunities to safely make left turns. “This will be the first widespread flashing yellow arrow display conversion in Precinct 4,” says Pamela

Harris County Precinct 4 Capital Improvement Projects Bookmark

Is traffic slowing you down? Precinct 4 currently has 10 Capital Improvement Projects under construction and 51 in the design phase. Look up some of the top projects affecting your area here. For more information about Precinct 4's Capital Improvement Projects division, click here.