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Cypresswood Annex Repairs Progressing Bookmark

Repairs are progressing on a Harris County service building shared by the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the tax assessor-collector's office, and Justice of the Peace Court Precinct 4, Place 1. The Cypresswood annex, located at 6831 Cypresswood Drive in Spring, has been closed since August after being damaged by several feet of water during Hurricane Harvey. The Precinct 4’s Constable’s Office section was the first to be repaired, and is now in use by officers and administrative staff.

Harris County Flood Control District Targets Post-Harvey Stormwater Channel Blockages Bookmark

Harris County Flood Control District Targets Post-Harvey Stormwater Channel Blockages
Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) continues to remove debris clogging Harris County’s 22 watersheds more than six months after Hurricane Harvey. During the storm, more than a trillion gallons of stormwater washed through Harris County’s bayou system, leaving it clogged with storm debris and reducing drainage. HCFCD has found objects as large as refrigerators and automobiles in local waterways. So far, HCFCD has removed about 101,000 cubic yards

Trash Bash at Collins Park Bookmark

Trash Bash at Collins Park
Join the Texas Conservation Fund Saturday, March 24 at 9 a.m. for its 25th annual trash bash at 14 locations in the Galveston Bay Watershed, including Precinct 4’s Collins Park! Collins Park volunteers will clean 6.5 miles of waterways, including Cypress Creek, Dry Gulley, Pillot Gully, Spring Gully, and adjacent areas. This will include Kickerillo-Mischer Nature Preserve, Cypress Creek Greenway, Meyer Park, Cypress Creek, YMCA, and Collins Park. “It’s a great opportunity for residents, students, and businesses