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Recognizing Mercer Volunteers Bookmark

Recognizing Mercer Volunteers
Topping the list with more than 7,000 lifetime hours is Anne Strommer. Anne started volunteering at Mercer more than 20 years ago when her husband Matt, also a current Mercer volunteer, suggested she help at the botanic library. With her background as a librarian, the position was a perfect fit. With the Dewey Decimal System ingrained in her memory from years of use, Anne reorganized the botanic library based on systems used in libraries throughout the country, including the Library of Congress. After her

Mercer’s Creekside Ramble Bookmark

Mercer’s Creekside Ramble
When the Tax Day flood hit the Houston area in April 2016, Mercer’s Creekside Ramble hadn’t even celebrated its grand opening. Planned as a scenic overlook along Cypress Creek, the woodland garden never stood a chance against the historic flood. Without a buffer, floodwaters from Cypress Creek hit the area at full force, burying the garden, including Mercer’s collection of azaleas and rare Japanese maples, under several feet of silt. Plans to restore the Ramble were delayed another year when Hurricane Harvey

Exploring Mercer’s West Side Arboretum Bookmark

Exploring Mercer’s West Side Arboretum
Taking the path less traveled at Mercer Botanic Gardens leads to amazing sites! Escape the crowds and head to Mercer’s West Side Arboretum for views of native plants, wildlife, and natural scenery. Located just across the street from the East Side Gardens, Mercer’s Hickory Bog features a 280-foot bridge and learning platform overlooking a thriving wetland ecosystem. Reptiles, small mammals, birds, and amphibians of all varieties populate the area, making this adventurous trail perfect for birders, nature enthusiasts, scientists, and anyone who wants close-up views of nature. Contrary to its name, Mercer’s Hickory Bog is