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TAP After-School Archery Bookmark

TAP After-School Archery
Storybooks are full of heroes fighting injustice with only a bow and arrow. While today’s archers no longer use their skills on the battlefield, they can apply the lessons learned in archery to achieving success inside the classroom and beyond. “You don’t have to be athletic to excel in archery,” said Monte Parks, Precinct 4’s Trails As Parks educational programmer. “It’s all about learning the proper form.” The very first lesson in archery is how to follow directions. Participants are taught how to hold a bow and arrow, how to shoot safely, and the proper protocol for retrieving arrows. “No one is allowed...

Tips for Parents and Teachers Bookmark

Tips for Parents and Teachers
For parents with young children, the first day of school can be unpredictable. Children who select their first-day-of-school outfit a month in advance can unexpectedly turn into children who refuse to get out of bed, miss the bus, or cry in the car line. Help your child ease back into school by focusing on positive activities. Drum up excitement by discussing potential special events or field trips the teacher has planned. You may even consider suggesting locations to your child’s teacher. Teachers are always on the lookout for new and exciting field trip locations.

Top Senior Adult Program Trips Bookmark

Top Senior Adult Program Trips
Want to get away, but don’t know where to go? Find out how these senior adults travel the region by Harris County Precinct 4 bus. Joyce McCleary’s been on hundreds of trips in her three years participating in Precinct 4’s Senior Adult Program (SAP), averaging four to six trips per month. “I’m not a native Texan. Before I joined this program, I was looking for a way to move out of Texas,” she said. Now, McCleary not only has multiple new events to look forward to every month, but she also has a sense of community. “I’ve lived all over the world and I haven’t seen this much of anywhere else.”