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Snakes on the Move! Bookmark

Snakes on the Move!
Did you know Harris County is home to 30 species of snakes, but only three are venomous? Most of the snakes encountered in nature are harmless and even beneficial. These tubular, scaled reptiles comprise an important part of our ecosystem. They help control populations of garden pests, like mice, rats, slugs, and snails, and sometimes even eat venomous snakes! Their sleek, muscular bodies are adapted to aquatic and terrestrial habitats. They can live underground, in trees, and in oceans. There are even “flying” snakes that drift between trees in the tropics. These unique animals see by detecting heat, hear by sensing vibrations, and smell

Milkweed Along the Greenway Bookmark

Milkweed Along the Greenway
Learn how the Spring Creek Education Society and Precinct 4 are teaming up to stabilize the banks of Spring Creek and create a habitat for pollinators along the way. Founded by former Jones Park staff member Terri MacArthur, the Spring Creek Education Society promotes the educational and recreational programs of the Spring Creek Greenway. One of their largest projects so far was to create the Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden at Precinct 4’s Dennis Johnston Park to help save the dwindling monarch butterfly population.

Moana Featured at Summer Movie Nights in the Park Bookmark

Moana Featured at Summer Movie Nights in the Park
Precinct 4 invites the community to enjoy a free showing of Moana along with a snack and an activity starting at dusk Thursday, July 20 at Burroughs Park and Friday, July 21 at Collins Park. In this musical adventure set in ancient Polynesia, a chief’s daughter must travel to a mystical island and return an island goddess’s stolen heart to save her people. Along the way, Moana meets the demigod Maui who she teams up with to fight an angry lava demon and other magical beings. Adults and children alike will enjoy this film’s positive message and memorable music.