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Harris County Precinct 4
Harris County Precinct 4
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Counting Butterflies at Dennis Johnston Park Bookmark

Counting Butterflies at Dennis Johnston Park
For Jennifer Godwin-Wyer, finding a project for the teens and children in her Mensa chapter was simple. “I thought the youth members in our chapter would enjoy and benefit from learning about the plight of the monarch and contributing to the science of helping conserve this valuable natural resource,” she said. A former geologist and nuclear physicist, Godwin-Wyer leads northwest Houston area youth in the Gulf Coast Mensa chapter of American Mensa, which is a nonprofit organization for individuals with IQs in the top 2...

The Importance of Storytelling Bookmark

The Importance of Storytelling
For Carleen Nagy, the best stories are told around the dinner table. “When the kids were growing up, we’d always have lively discussions. Our home was always open to our children’s friends, and we never knew how many would be around the table. We’d spend time reminiscing and telling stories about the things we’d done in our lives. It was quality time.” Though it can be tough for the younger generation to put down the technology, a well-told story can educate, engage, and even inspire the listener. “In today’s world, entertainment is often dumbed down. When we watch a video or movie, technology...