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Mangum-Howell Center Accepting Reservations Bookmark

Mangum-Howell Center Accepting Reservations
Looking for a place to host your private event? Rooms at Precinct 4’s Mangum-Howell Center and Doss Activity Building at Doss Park are now available for weekend reservations on select Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Built for large events, Mangum-Howell Center’s Room 102 can accommodate a maximum of 200 people with a table and chair arrangement or 300 people with theater-style seating. Visitors will have access to a full kitchen, tables and chairs, audio/visual and sound system

Fighting Back Against Bandit Signs Bookmark

Fighting Back Against Bandit Signs
It’s a crime almost as ordinary as speeding, only harder to ticket. In highly populated areas with little regulation, businesses looking for cheap advertising post signs at intersections and high traffic areas offering “fast cash” for homes and low-cost contract work. Now, as home flippers, contractors, and roofing companies strive to capitalize on victims of Hurricane Harvey, more signs than ever are popping up in communities across the county. In Precinct 4, Bill Lee, superintendent of Precinct 4’s Road...

Help Precinct 4's Parks Recover Bookmark

Help Precinct 4's Parks Recover
Many residents lost more than a home during Hurricane Harvey. They lost amenities, favorite businesses, neighbors, and a sense of security. While Precinct 4 can't bring most of those back, we're working hard to restore your local parks. We can't do it alone, however. Now that many homes and businesses are on the path to recovery, we're calling on community members to join us in the parks. Stay updated on volunteer opportunities throughout the precinct by following Precinct 4 on Facebook. Anyone who would like to volunteer at Jones