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Top Plants at March Mart Bookmark

Top Plants at March Mart
With spring around the corner, experts with The Mercer Society (TMS) are preparing a lineup of old favorites and new cultivars set to transform your garden this spring. TMS Grower Brandon Hubbard gives an overview of some of the plants that will be available at this year’s March Mart. “We are focusing on collecting and cultivating unusual and unique plant species that people won’t find anywhere else,” said Hubbard. “Shoppers will find a few rare plants and specimens that have been difficult to collect for

Name that flower! Bookmark

Name that flower!
Related to the famous corpse flower, the elephant yam tends to have a distinct rotting smell. The center of the flower also resembles a chunk of rotting meat. Although some find this plant unappealing, flies and beetles are attracted to its smell! This plant can be found near the Prehistoric Garden.

Find Rare and Unusual Plants at March Mart Bookmark

Find Rare and Unusual Plants at March Mart
Mercer’s East Side Gardens may be closed for now, but volunteers and staff are working diligently behind the scenes to bring you plenty of exciting new plants to browse during March Mart, The Mercer Society’s largest plant sale of the year. This year’s March Mart will also serve as a grand reopening celebration of Mercer’s East Side Gardens, which has been closed since sustaining severe flood damage during Hurricane Harvey. Public shopping begins Saturday, March 17 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Mercer’s East