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The Red Cross is active across the area helping Hurricane Harvey victims recover, offering shelter, warm meals, and other resources. If you need shelter or would like to help, check out some of the resources listed below.

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Filing Insurance
Evacuating to a safe location is top priority, but if you had property damage, you should contact your insurance provider to file a claim as soon as possible. Ask about what your policy covers and offer as many details as possible to your insurance provider because you may have more coverage than you realize. For example, while homeowners insurance specifically excludes flooding, you may have a policy that covers water damage from a tree that fell through a window or wind damage to the roof. Although insurance adjusters won’t be able to visit residences until the water recedes,

Tips for Flooded Vehicles Bookmark

Tips for Flooded Vehicles
Many area residents lost vehicles during the destruction of Hurricane Harvey. If giving up your car isn’t an option, or if the car suffered only minor damage, you can take steps to save your car. Most comprehensive auto insurance covers flooding, and other storm-related damage, up to the vehicle’s market value. Reach out to your insurance agent to file a claim as soon as possible, documenting the damage by taking photos and detailed notes during correspondence with the insurance company. For those underinsured or without auto insurance, assess which areas of the car were affected by floodwater. If the water didn’t make it to the dashboard, the car may be saved. First, disconnect the battery and do not attempt to start the car. Thoroughly dry the car's interior before having the vehicle towed to a mechanic.