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Mercer Botanic Gardens and Jones Park will be closed until further notice due to the severe flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. Both parks sustained catastrophic damage and may not open for months. While recovery efforts continue, all regularly scheduled parks and Trails As Parks programs are cancelled. Parks and trails along Cypress Creek, including Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve, Collins Park, and Meyer Park, are closed pending repairs. Parks and trails along Spring Creek are also closed,

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Choosing a Contractor
A natural disaster destroying your home is unimaginably difficult. It’s overwhelming and heart-wrenching. What could be worse? People taking advantage of you when you’re the most vulnerable. As homes are cleared of debris and the last bit of silt left from flood water is scrubbed clean, you may be considering various contractors available for the work you need completed. There are many reputable businesses in our area ready and willing to take on the work, but first consider the information below before

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In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the worst natural disaster in U.S. history, many residents in the most devastated neighborhoods have already begun the arduous task of sifting through their belongings and clearing their homes of muck left behind from flood waters. Piles of wet sheet rock, furniture, appliances, flooring, and more are stacking up in front lawns across Harris County. And while the debris is an eye-sore and a constant reminder of the destruction to our communities, we ask that you remember these 4 Ps of debris removal: