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Jones Park Summer Interns Bookmark

Jones Park Summer Interns
Love exploring our trails? Do you have a child who attended Summer Nature Camp? Thank our interns! Every year, Jones Park welcomes new interns to help with Summer Nature Camp, trail projects, and other duties. We’re grateful for all the work our interns accomplish and the unique skills they bring to the park.

The Modern Pioneer at Jones Park Bookmark

The Modern Pioneer at Jones Park
As the seamstress for Jones Park’s Redbud Hill Homestead, I’m often asked by new homestead volunteers for advice on creating historically accurate clothing. For men, the task is simple. Their fashion has stayed the same for 200 years, with only slight variations in the cut of the coat and the shape of the hat. But for women, standards are stricter: skirts should not drag in the mud; aprons must be tied above the natural waist; sleeves should cover shifts (but may be rolled up for comfort), and necks and

Name the Flower Bookmark

Name the Flower
This plant is a favorite of the sulphur butterfly caterpillar! When the butterfly emerges from its cocoon, it will either be yellow or green depending on whether it ate the flowers or the leaves of the host plant! Do you know what the host plant is?