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Did your home flood? The Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) is currently gauging interest in potential home buyout options for Harris County residents who experienced flooding. HCFCD estimates more than 107,000 residential parcels exist within regulated floodplains. If your home floods often, HCFCD’s voluntary home buyout program may make the most financial sense for you. Many of these homes, built before the city and county imposed land development regulations, exist in areas where flood mitigation

Permit Required to Rebuild Bookmark

Permit Required to Rebuild
Harris County Engineering Department is requesting that unincorporated county residents report their residential flood damage due to the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. Completing this form will help us issue permits and coordinate the debris efforts. Please visit and click “Flood Recovery”. To repair or rebuild, you need a permit. This is a FEMA requirement to ensure that flood insurance is available to residents of Harris County. Your insurance and/or FEMA will likely require seeing a copy of this permit to complete your claim. If you live within the 100-year floodplain and we could not verify that your house’s slab is above the 100-year floodplain elevation

Why You Should Sort Your Debris Bookmark

Why You Should Sort Your Debris
For many Precinct 4 residents whose homes flooded, cleanup began as soon as the waters receded and ended less than a week later with towering piles of debris stacked on the curb. Weeks later, most of that debris remains. Now that recovery is in full swing, county officials are requesting that residents begin sorting their debris to make the cleanup process speedier and more efficient. “In many homes, volunteers came and set all the debris out by the curb, and it’s too jumbled to separate. Don’t panic,” said Commissioner R. Jack Cagle. “The debris will still be picked up. The process will just be slower, as our contractors are going to have to sort it.