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The Importance of Storytelling Bookmark

The Importance of Storytelling
For Carleen Nagy, the best stories are told around the dinner table. “When the kids were growing up, we’d always have lively discussions. Our home was always open to our children’s friends, and we never knew how many would be around the table. We’d spend time reminiscing and telling stories about the things we’d done in our lives. It was quality time.” Though it can be tough for the younger generation to put down the technology, a well-told story can educate, engage, and even inspire the listener. “In today’s world, entertainment is often dumbed down. When we watch a video or movie, technology...

New Buses Enhance Day Trips Bookmark

New Buses Enhance Day Trips
Senior adults can hit the road on Precinct 4 buses with confidence in their safety and comfort. The expanded bus fleet transports residents to a wide array of educational and recreational venues and events, including festivals, museums, plays, concerts, theatrical performances, and sports games. “Thanks to Commissioner Cagle, our bus fleet has grown from 10 buses in 2010 to 19 buses in 2017,” says Jan Sexton, director of Precinct 4’s community centers and Senior Adult Program. With senior adult day trips in high demand, the fleet expansion is necessary. Precinct 4 keeps buses at an optimal...