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Financial Assistance
For anyone underinsured or uninsured, offers grants for home repairs or replacement of personal property, low-interest loans to cover residential losses not covered by insurance, rental payments for temporary housing, unemployment payments, and other disaster-related expenses. If you do not have internet access, you can call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362).

Beginning Cleanup Bookmark

Beginning Cleanup
The worst of Hurricane Harvey’s impacts are over for many Precinct 4 residents, but recovery is only just beginning. Many Texans watched flood waters overwhelm their homes and escaped with only the bare necessities or nothing at all. As the waters continue to recede, many have already started thinking about cleaning up. Is anything salvageable? If you act fast, there may be a chance. Try to return to your home during the daytime to avoid turning on lights in case your electrical system has been compromised.

TAP After-School Archery Bookmark

TAP After-School Archery
Storybooks are full of heroes fighting injustice with only a bow and arrow. While today’s archers no longer use their skills on the battlefield, they can apply the lessons learned in archery to achieving success inside the classroom and beyond. “You don’t have to be athletic to excel in archery,” said Monte Parks, Precinct 4’s Trails As Parks educational programmer. “It’s all about learning the proper form.” The very first lesson in archery is how to follow directions. Participants are taught how to hold a bow and arrow, how to shoot safely, and the proper protocol for retrieving arrows. “No one is allowed...