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Harris County Precinct 4
Harris County Precinct 4
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Mercer’s Shakespeare Garden Bookmark

Mercer’s Shakespeare Garden
Shakespeare’s famous for his colorful characters and timeless themes, but plant-lovers have another reason to love him: the Shakespeare gardens he created and immortalized. From the lovingly restored historical gardens of Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon Avon estate to the seasonal wonders of New York’s Central Park, Shakespeare gardens have steadily gained popularity throughout Europe and the United States since the 1900s. These cottage-style or formal gardens feature plants and flowers mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays and grown in Shakespeare's private garden.

Volunteer Spotlight: Latin School of Chicago Bookmark

Mercer visitors may have noticed a few new helpers during March Mart preparations. A group of 18 students from the Latin School of Chicago arrived days before Mercer’s grand reopening to help prepare for the March Mart Plant Sale, Mercer’s largest fundraiser of the year. Thank you to the Latin School and all our volunteers who helped make our first big event since Hurricane Harvey a success.

Mercer Volunteer Spotlight: Don Dubois Bookmark

For Mercer volunteer Don Dubois, a childhood interest in insects turned into a lifelong passion for native plant gardening. Now, as a volunteer at Mercer Botanic Gardens, Dubois brings his passion for wildflowers and insects together in Mercer’s native plant group, where he specializes in growing native plants for March Mart. “My first love as a kid was insects and all kinds of bugs and butterflies,” he said. “Anything that will attract butterflies or grow a caterpillar are the plants that I choose for our group and grow at home.” An Indiana native, Dubois remember exploring the forest with his mother and learning the names of wildflowers. On those walks, he would watch butterflies sip from the wildflowers and search for insects among the leaves.