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Officials Dredge San Jacinto River Bookmark

Good news for anyone with a home or business near the San Jacinto River! In less than a year, contractors with the US Army Corp of Engineers plan to remove 1.8 million cubic yards of debris and other material from a section of the San Jacinto River, which could improve safety for thousands of Humble, Atascocita, and Kingwood residents. According to the Corp of Engineers, debris from Hurricane Harvey still impedes water flow along the West Fork of the San Jacinto River, creating a situation that threatens life,

Answers to Your FAQs: What’s the Difference Between a Constable and Commissioner Precinct? Bookmark

If you live in north Harris County, chances are that both the Harris County Precinct 4 commissioner and constable serve your area. Although commissioner and constable precincts aren't connected, Harris County Precinct 4 is unique in that the boundaries of the Precinct 4 commissioner and constable mostly align. Constables in Precinct 1, 3, and 5 serve only a few areas in Commissioner Precinct 4. Unfortunately, sharing a precinct name has caused confusion about the two agencies.

Name the Flower Bookmark

Name the Flower
This plant is a favorite of the sulphur butterfly caterpillar! When the butterfly emerges from its cocoon, it will either be yellow or green depending on whether it ate the flowers or the leaves of the host plant! Do you know what the host plant is?