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Tree Planting in Tomball Bookmark

Tree planting isn’t just for Arbor Day anymore. The Harris County Flood Control District and the Houston Area Urban Forestry Council invite the public to participate in the 11th annual tree planting competition Saturday, Feb. 24 at 10 a.m. at a Harris County Flood Control basin located at Tomball Parkway and Holderrieth Road.

Participants may have up to 11 team members and must bring their own shovels. Each team will plant 100 trees properly while being timed and judged. Refreshments are provided.

Teams compete in professional, amateur, and youth divisions to see which could plant 100 trees in the shortest amount of time – using only pick axes, shovels, and other hand tools. Top teams in each division will receive a trophy.

Harris County Flood Control District will provide native trees in five-gallon containers for the competition. Benefits of the program include preventing erosion, improving water quality, decreasing maintenance costs, and beautifying the area

Since beginning a sustained tree planting program for project sites in 2001, the Flood Control District has planted more than 200,000 trees on 195 flood control sites across 1,043 acres in Harris County.

The Flood Control District was honored with a 2014 Project of the Year award by the Houston Area Urban Forestry Council for its tree planting and stormwater quality work at the Jersey Meadows Stormwater Detention Basin in Jersey Village. The Flood Control District’s efforts to rescue and relocate trees that otherwise would be disrupted by flood damage reduction projects also won a 2010 Arbor Day Award from Trees for Houston, a privately funded organization that provides trees for public lands.

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