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Drainage Reuse Initiative Moves Forward Bookmark

Harris County Precinct 4 is exploring a new flood control initiative that will allow the county to save and reuse excess water in times of drought.

Commissioners Court and Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) launched phase one of the Drainage Reuse Initiative earlier in the year to explore the technology's feasibility. Phase two of the study will focus on locating two pilot sites to begin testing the technology.

The initiative will help fight subsidence, which is the sinking of land caused by natural compaction or human activity, such as removing underground stores of water, oil, or gas. In Harris County, removing groundwater is the number one cause of subsidence.

In flat areas close to sea level, any reduction in elevation can increase the likelihood of an area flooding. Subsidence can also cause costly infrastructure damage in developed areas as the ground shifts, damaging roads, sidewalks, and homes.

Other benefits of the technology include providing additional drinking water as the population continues to grow and limiting the effects of drought. Since aquifer water does not evaporate, rain collected during a major storm can be stored indefinitely.

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