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HCFCD Estimates $74 Million in Priority Repairs After Harvey Bookmark

HCFCD Estimates $74 Million in Priority Repairs After Harvey

Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) has released a preliminary list of $74 million in priority repairs for Harris County’s bayous, creeks, and drainage infrastructure in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

According to HCFCD, priority repairs pose an immediate and severe threat to residential or commercial areas, or to public infrastructure such as utilities or schools. Repairs such as sinkholes and slope failures, failed outfall pipes, and concrete voids are also prioritized according to severity.

“Hurricane Harvey, with its excessive rainfall and long duration, did extensive damage to the District’s drainage infrastructure,” said Flood Control District Executive Director Russ Poppe. “Repairing that damage will require sustained effort over many months, working closely with our federal partners that will be helping fund these efforts.”

The number of priority repair projects will likely grow, and the total cost of those repairs is expected to exceed $100 million. In addition to the preliminary repairs, HCFCD will need to make repairs to damaged stormwater detention basins. Final estimates will be available as Flood Control District staff set individual project limits and perform additional assessments. Since Hurricane Harvey hit in late August, the Flood Control District has committed almost $6 million in local dollars for initial emergency repairs and authorized nearly $4 million in projects, which are eligible for federal reimbursements.

To view an interactive map showing reported areas of erosion and channel debris post-Harvey, visit

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