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Did your home flood? The Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) is currently gauging interest in potential home buyout options for Harris County residents who experienced flooding.

HCFCD estimates more than 107,000 residential parcels exist within regulated floodplains. If your home floods often, HCFCD’s voluntary home buyout program may make the most financial sense for you. Many of these homes, built before the city and county imposed land development regulations, exist in areas where flood mitigation projects are not cost effective or beneficial.

While buyout may not be an option for all parcels, those meeting eligibility requirements will be considered. Those who are interested must complete and submit a Notice of Voluntary Interest. Anyone who submits a request will receive a response from HCFCD as soon as possible.

Since HCFCD’s voluntary buyout program began in 1985, over 2,075 structures have been purchased with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grants and over 960 properties (with and without structures; 65 percent with) with HCFCD funds.

Additionally, over 30 structures have been purchased with Corps of Engineers funds. As a result, over 1,060 acres have been restored to their natural and beneficial function as a floodplain and millions of dollars in flood damages avoided.

See if you qualify by clicking here.

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