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Flood Recovery: Taking the Next Steps Bookmark

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the worst natural disaster in U.S. history, many residents in the most devastated neighborhoods have already begun the arduous task of sifting through their belongings and clearing their homes of muck left behind from flood waters.

Piles of wet sheet rock, furniture, appliances, flooring, and more are stacking up in front lawns across Harris County. And while the debris is an eye-sore and a constant reminder of the destruction to our communities, we ask that you remember these 4 Ps of debris removal:

• Patience: As our community begins the overwhelming task of cleanup following the storm, please be patient and understanding. There are more than 1 million residents in Precinct 4 and many were impacted by Hurricane Harvey to some degree. Debris removal will take months to complete, so please bear with us during this time.

• Placement: Clear bags may be used for all items except vegetative material. Place items in a pile in the right-of-way between the curb and sidewalk. Do not place debris near fire hydrants, gas meters, mailboxes, or in roadways or ditches.

• Parking: Please do not leave cars in the street during debris removal. Trucks and equipment will be hindered and prolong the removal process for everyone.

• Personal Responsibility: Residents may personally dispose of their debris. The County is working with other agencies to coordinate temporary debris removal sites for individuals. Specifics regarding the locations will be released soon.

When debris pickup begins, all cars should be moved out of roadways, so Road & Bridge crews and their equipment can reach the debris. In the meantime, residents can begin separating their debris now into the following categories:

• Vegetative debris (no bags allowed)

• Construction and demolition debris

• Small and large appliances (should be emptied and taped shut)

• Electronics

• Household Hazardous Waste (paint, batteries, tires)

For questions, call the Debris Removal Hotline at 713-274-3880. To reach Precinct 4 regarding recovery efforts, please call the Community Assistance Department at 281-353-8424.

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