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TAP After-School Archery

Storybooks are full of heroes fighting injustice with only a bow and arrow. While today’s archers no longer use their skills on the battlefield, they can apply the lessons learned in archery to achieving success inside the classroom and beyond.

“You don’t have to be athletic to excel in archery,” said Monte Parks, Precinct 4’s Trails As Parks educational programmer. “It’s all about learning the proper form.”

The very first lesson in archery is how to follow directions. Participants are taught how to hold a bow and arrow, how to shoot safely, and the proper protocol for retrieving arrows. “No one is allowed on the field to retrieve their arrows until everyone is finished shooting,” said Parks.

“Children realize if they follow directions, everyone will have more time to practice.” Archery is a very satisfying activity. Most students go from not hitting anything to hitting the target in less than an hour. “It’s a highly rewarding experience to make a minor adjustment and achieve a hit,” he said. “Most children come to us believing they just need to aim at the target to be successful. Participants quickly learn they won't get to shoot any targets if they aren't following directions.”

Trails As Parks offers free after-school archery at various locations around the precinct. Check the schedule here.

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