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Top Senior Adult Program Trips

Want to get away, but don’t know where to go? Find out how these senior adults travel the region by Harris County Precinct 4 bus.

Joyce McCleary’s been on hundreds of trips in her three years participating in Precinct 4’s Senior Adult Program (SAP), averaging four to six trips per month. “I’m not a native Texan. Before I joined this program, I was looking for a way to move out of Texas,” she said. Now, McCleary not only has multiple new events to look forward to every month, but she also has a sense of community.

“I’ve lived all over the world and I haven’t seen this much of anywhere else,” she said. “I’ve seen everything from gypsy horses to alpacas to sausage festivals travelling with Precinct 4.”

One of her favorite locations was The Brookwood Community for adults with disabilities in Brookshire. “Everyone there overcame a hardship. It was inspiring to see how much everyone has accomplished,” she said. “Many of them couldn’t support themselves until they came to Brookwood.”

The community provides educational and career opportunities for adults with disabilities. The campus includes group homes, a residential inn, a health and dental clinic, a church, activities, an enterprise building, greenhouses, a garden center, and The Café at Brookwood. Not only was the food and service excellent, but McCleary said she enjoyed meeting the residents. “I met a woman with cerebral palsy. Her parents had abandoned her and she had never been able to hold down a job,” she said. “Now she has a job and a home.”

For many senior adults, Precinct 4 bus trips provide opportunities to participate in activities they normally wouldn't be able to attend. For the past four years, Pam Netzinger has participated in about four SAP trips per month. Out of those, Netzinger believes some of the best trips involve volunteering.

“It just feels good to volunteer,” she said. “Without Precinct 4’s bus service, I wouldn’t be able to participate in these activities. They do so much for us in this program. I’m just glad that I can give back in a small way.” While volunteering at the Houston Food Bank has been her most meaningful experience, Netzinger also recommends the Precinct 4 Adventure Tour, Moody Gardens, and the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum for anyone who loves learning.

Nancy Kodysz and her husband have participated in the SAP program for the past three years. Before signing up, Kodysz said traveling was difficult due to her husband’s disability. Now, the couple goes on at least one trip per month.

 “We love to visit the different museums,” she said. “We’ve visited the Hemi Hideout in Brookshire, the W.H. Stark House, and the Stark Museum of Art in Orange, and the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. “The precinct does a good job of coming up with a variety of things,” said Kodysz. “With the different luncheons, museums, and trips, there’s always a lot to choose from.”

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