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Wildlife Rescue Resources

Below is a list of wildlife rescue facilities for injured and orphaned wildlife and rehabilitation information along with references for nuisance wildlife, bees and wasps, pets, and other area animal resources. Should you have any problems reaching any one of the resources listed, please contact Jones Park during regular office hours.

I. Area Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

A. Houston Area Wildlife Rehabilitation Organizations

  • Friends of Texas Wildlife
    Phone: 281-259-0039
    Website: www.ftwl.org

  • Gulf Coast Turtle and Tortoise Society
    Phone: 866-99-GCTTS
    Website: www.gctts.org

  • Gulf Coast Wildlife Rescue—South
    Phone: 979-849-0184
    Website: www.gcwr.org

  • Lone Star Wildlife Rescue (for wildlife found west of Harris County)
    Website: www.lonestarwildlife.org

B. Wildlife Rehabilitation Information

C. Nuisance Wildlife Services

  • Critter Control
    Phone: 713-334-4103 (West)
    E-mail: houstonwest@crittercontrol.com
    Phone: 713-467-8000 (East)
    E-mail: houstoneast@crittercontrol.com
    Website: www.crittercontrol.com
    Services: All nuisance wildlife, excluding insects; relocates animals when possible.

  • Houston Herpetological Supply—Mike Howlett
    Phone: 281-433-3286
    E-mail: houstonherp@aol.com and
    Website: www.petflytrap.com/houstonherp/
    Services: Reptiles and amphibians-identification, education, and removal.

  • Lindhurst's Construction—Certified Bat Exclusionist
    Phone: 713-981-9576
    Website: www.aabp.com/Lindhurst/bats.htm
    Services: Removes and excludes bats.

  • Olhausen, Don
    Phone: 713-992-0756
    Services: Skunks—referrals and consultant only.

  • Outback Wild Animal & Pest Control (Houston area and Montgomery County)
    Phone: 281-399-8629
    Services: All nuisance wildlife. Insect and rodent control; bee, bat, and bird removal; humane
    live trapping; animal proofing.

  • Texas Snakes & More—Clint Pustejovsky
    Phone: 713-934-7668
    E-mail: clint@texassnakes.net
    Website: www.texassnakes.net
    Services: Snake removal.

  • Wilderness Animal Control
    Website: www.wildernessanimalcontrol.com
    Services: Residential and commercial animal removal, and wildlife trapping and relocation.

D. Bee and Wasp Information and Removal

  • Chris Watkins—Meyer Park
    Phone: 281-376-6202
    Services: If on Harris County Precinct 4 property, public right-of-way, or county facility.

  • ABC Pest Service
    Phone: 281-730-9500 or 713-730-9500
    Services: Extermination and removal.

  • Harris County Beekeepers Association
    Website: www.harriscountybeekeepers.org

  • Houston Beekeepers Association
    Website: www.houstonbeekeepers.org

  • Honey Bee Information—TAMU
    Website: http://honeybee.tamu.edu

II. Houston/Harris County Area Animal Services

A. Pet Information and Lost and Found

B. Injured Animal Rescue

  • Harris County Animal Control
    Phone: 281-999-3191

  • Houston SPCA
    Phone: 713-869-SPCA (7722)
    Website: http://hspca.convio.net

  • Humble Animal Control Agency
    Phone: 281-446-3061

C. Dead Animal Pick-up

  • Harris County Road Maintenance
    Phone: 713-755-5000

  • Houston City Street
    Phone: 713-699-1113

D. Livestock Pick-up

  • Harris County Sheriff's Department, Livestock Division (breathing loose livestock only)
    Phone: 281-454-6235