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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Adopt-A-Trail Program
Control invasive non-native plants as well as conduct routine trail maintenance. This is a great conservation project for groups of all sizes and types.

Arts and Crafts Projects
Create and design bulletin board displays and changeable exhibits. Assist with decorating for themed programs relating to various nature or history topics. Assist with craft preparations for children’s programs.

Organize and maintain the collection of park articles and photographs. Anyone can add to the picture database by donating digital or hard copy photographs.

Homestead Tour Guide
Lead school-aged children, scouts, and other groups on interpretive tours of the Redbud Hill Homestead—a re-creation of an 1830s east Texas settler homestead—and the Akokisa Indian Village. Homestead guides are needed weekday mornings.

Horticultural Aide
Assist with the care of the landscaped grounds, homestead garden, and greenhouse by replanting areas of the park with native vegetation, seeding wildflowers, potting plants, watering, pruning, and weeding. The Horticultural Team meets regularly on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

Organize, catalog, and maintain the books and magazines in the Nature Center Library.

Living History Demonstrator
Demonstrate and interpret living history of the everyday life of an 1830s East Texas settler or American Indian. Programs include the popular Second Saturday Settlers (SSS), Tots and Tykes, Pioneer Day, and Homestead Heritage Day. No prior experience is necessary; just an interest in the life of Texas inhabitants in the 1830s. Each program offers interactive demonstrations designed to give visitors to the Redbud Hill Homestead and Akokisa Indian Village an opportunity to watch and often participate in a variety of activities. Using authentic techniques and tools of the 1830s, park staff and volunteers demonstrate activities such as archery, blacksmithing, cooking, gardening, hide tanning, spinning and weaving, and woodworking, to name a few.

Living history demonstrators are needed Friday mornings, second Saturdays, last Mondays, and at two large festivals the second Saturdays in February and November.

Those volunteering in the homestead and Akokisa Indian Village areas are required to wear period-correct clothing (including all camp gear and accouterments). Every effort should be made to conceal non-period items. Modern shoes such as tennis shoes and flip flops are not allowed.

For more information, please see the settler life volunteer opportunities or re-enactor guidelines and registration (PDF) for living history events. 

Nature Trail Guide
Lead school-aged children, scouts, or other groups on a one-half- to one-mile interpretive walk on the park's nature trails. Point out interesting natural features such as the cypress ponds, native plants, birds, and animal signs. Nature trail guides are needed weekday mornings.

Office Aide
Greet and count visitors while assisting them with park information such as maps and program schedules and answer the phone. Also assist with the busy day-to-day activities of the nature center, process mail-outs, craft project preparation, and record keeping. Office aides are needed primarily on weekends.

Represent Jones Park at environmental organizations, meetings, schools, and career fairs. Set up educational displays, distribute park information, and answer questions.

Park Maintenance
Assist in the development and maintenance of park facilities including the Redbud Hill Homestead, Akokisa Indian Village, trails, kiosks, and more.

Special Events and Projects 
Arbor Day (January), Homestead Heritage Day (February), NatureFest (March), Summer Nature Camp (June and July), Tricks & Treats (October), Pioneer Day (November), and An Old-Fashioned Christmas (December) are annual events that require additional volunteer help. Conservation and maintenance projects are also available to scout and other individuals or groups.

Tadpoles Club
Assist with this interactive program that introduces preschool-aged children to nature. Volunteers are needed Wednesday mornings and afternoons during the school year.

Take-Home Projects

Provide much-needed "behind-the-scenes" support of park programs including craft preparations, sewing, program planning, and more.

Volunteer Newsletter: The Cypress Log (PDF)
Assist with the publishing of the bimonthly volunteer newsletter by writing articles, editing copy and layout, or addressing and stuffing envelopes.