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Trip Planning Guidelines

  • Each year, trip coordinators will be required to complete a new Trip Coordinator and Group Information Form.

    Trip Coordinators may reserve trips for November 2018 through April 2019 by following these steps:

    SEPTEMBER 1 - SEPTEMBER 30, 2018

1. Go to

2. Under the Senior Adult Program Menu, click on Day Trips Information on the left side of the webpage, and then scroll to Online Forms.

3. Select Transportation Bus Reservations.

4. Complete the Transportation Bus Reservation Form, click review, then click SUBMIT to complete your request/s.

5. You will receive immediate confirmation that your request/s have been submitted. You can expect confirmation of the dates reserved within 7 - 10 business days after submitting the online requests. Always use the confirmation number from the final email when contacting the transportation department.


Each month, Trip Coordinators will be e-mailed a list from Fun4Seniors of remaining available dates to reserve extra buses for the reservation period.  Reservations for your travel group to have extra dates during the reservation cycle can be made by following the instructions above and submitting online. 

Contact the Transportation Office at 281-893-3726 with any questions.

Precinct 4’s Senior Adult Program Fleet includes:

  • Two, 14-passenger shuttle bus
  • Five, 26-passenger mini buses with wheelchair lift
  • Six, 39-passenger buses with wheelchair lift

Note: Precinct 4’s vehicles are not equipped with rest rooms.

  • Detailed itineraries and plans for the trip must be arranged by the facility and submitted on the Trip Itinerary Form (TIF) to the Transportation Office at least 30 days prior to departure.
  • Each stop must be planned prior to the trip by the facility and listed on the TIF. 
  • Confirm the maximum number of passengers planning to travel and the exact number of wheelchairs by calling the Transportation Office three to five working days before a trip. Please do not exceed the maximum number after you call.

A minimum of 10 passengers is required for the 26 passenger wheelchair lift buses. Trips with less than 10 passengers at the time of pick up will be canceled. A minimum of 20 passengers is required for the 39 passenger buses. Trips with less than 20 passengers at the time of pick up will be canceled.



Questions to Ask for a Successful Trip

While discussing reservations with a destination representative, always provide them with information/history about the group, i.e. average age of the group, physical limitations of passengers, etc.

The following questions will help plan the best possible trip for your group:

Important: Always ask for the very best accommodations for the group.

1.    Where does the bus/driver drop off and pick up passengers?
• Is it close to the entrance?

2.    Where does the bus park?
• Are there parking fees?

3.    How much walking is required?
• Is the surface flat?
• What is the walking surface: paved, gravel, dirt, grass, etc.?

4.    Is the facility at the destination wheelchair-accessible?

5.    Is there a place to sit down and rest?
• If someone does not wish to take the tour, is there a place for them to wait for the group?

6.    Are rest rooms easily accessible?

7.    What is the duration of the entertainment, tour, activity, or event?
• How early should we arrive?
• When do the doors open?
• Will we have reserved seating?
• Is anything included, like refreshments?

8.    Will you receive a written confirmation?

9.    Will anyone meet us? If so, get the person’s name.

10.  Is there something special to see or do at the destination: A “don’t miss” event?

11.  What happens if it rains?
• Will the event be cancelled or rescheduled?
• Is there a canopy or portico where the passengers can exit and enter the vehicle in rainy weather?

1.    Are there any fees, charges, etc?
• Any special or extra charges not included?
• Is there a senior adult discount?
• When is the money due?
• Is a deposit necessary to hold the tickets, reservations, etc?
• When is the final payment due?
• How should the check be made out?
• Will they accept a personal check?
• Do they need only one check?
• To whom and where do you send the money?
• Are there free tickets, meals, parking, etc.? For example, one free for 10 full paying; or one free for 15 full paying (ticket for bus driver)

2.    Will they provide individual checks for meals?
• How much is the tax?
• Will the gratuity be included?
• Is the bus driver’s meal complimentary?

3.    What is the cancellation or refund policy?

Always record the name of the person making the reservation and the date the reservation is made.