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Horticulture Education Program

The Texas Gulf Coast Gardner (TGCG) curriculum was developed by Mercer staff with guidance from Dr. David Creech, professor of horticulture at Stephen F. Austin State University, and staff from Mast Arboretum in Nacogdoches.

Tier I

This is a nine-week course led by Mercer’s education director and a talented group of experts who will present lessons and workshops covering the most important aspects of home gardening and horticulture in the Houston region. 


Tier II

This nine-week course is led by Mercer’s education director and talented experts who will present lessons and workshops. Each week will focus on different plant groups that can be successfully cultivated in home gardens and landscapes in the Texas Gulf Coast climate. 


Tier III

This is a six-week course led by Mercer’s education director and a talented group of experts who will present lessons and workshops focusing on landscape design, the use of hardscapes, water features in the landscape and sustainable design practices. 


Comments from past class participants:

“Friendly, intelligent, and knowledgeable staff were eager to share their wealth of information.”

“I was very impressed with the class presenters.”

“I think the course was outstanding.”

“Great speakers who impart their love of plants and enthusiasm for gardening.”

“Added to the knowledge that I have previously gained. I have yet to feel I know too much!!”

“Relaxed and fun atmosphere.”

“All was enjoyable.”

“I appreciate the free question and answer format.”

“Atmosphere, camaraderie, and great information.”

“It’s more than just taking a class and learning knowledge. I really enjoy the communication among classmates.”

“The class setting was relaxed and informative. Good interactive class with a lot of detailed information given by experienced presenters.”











In keeping with its educational directive, Mercer Botanic Gardens and The Mercer Society (TMS) present a series of horticulture classes on successful gardening practices in Harris and surrounding counties. This program was developed for beginning gardeners, advanced gardeners, and individuals working in the horticulture field wishing to expand their plant and horticulture knowledge. Classes are taught by Mercer staff and horticultural experts.

Mission of the Program
To provide horticultural classes combined with labs and hands-on volunteer work in the gardens while creating a personal experience for students by building their confidence and expertise. The program curriculum addresses basic horticultural skills; plants that adapt, survive, and thrive with the constantly changing seasons along the Gulf Coast; and the techniques used in successful landscaping.