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Endangered Species Garden

The Endangered Species Garden, a rare native plant garden, was founded at Mercer in 1994 through a donation by Star Enterprise. In 2002, the River Oaks Garden Club and The Mercer Society graciously supplied the funds to enlarge and renovate this unique garden. Renovated in 2002, the Endangered Species Garden is home to threatened or endangered annual and perennial native plant species, and serves as an important teaching tool to the more than 100,000 visitors to Mercer each year. A replica of a beaver dam and pond serve as the focal point for the woodland and wetland habitats, and common native plant species complement the rare native species on display.

Endangered Species Garden

Awarded the Best of Backyard Habitats certificate of merit by Texas Parks & Wildlife and the National Wildlife Federation in 2004, the garden serves as an educational tool for the importance of “wildscaping,” demonstrating the use of permanent water and food sources, composting, and organic management methods for the benefit of wildlife. The garden also routinely serves as an outdoor classroom for Master Gardener and Master Naturalist classes and workshops.

Take a self-guided tour of our Endangered Species & Native Plant Garden.
An Ethnobotanical Tour of Native Texas Plants (PDF)