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Settler Life Volunteer Opporutnities

Anyone interested in living history can assist the staff in providing many programs that take place in the Redbud Hill Homestead and Akokisa Indian Village. These popular programs include Second Saturday Settlers,Pioneer DayHomestead Heritage Day, and pioneer homestead tours to name a few.

Currently, the following interpretation stations are offered, and we welcome any new skills or interpretations from the correct time period:

Volunteer Demonstrations 
Located in the homestead and Akokisa Indian village 
(Period-correct dress is required.)

Akokisa Indian dwellings
Blacksmith shop
Bread oven
Butter churning
Corncob toss
Corncrib (corn shelling/grinding)
Dulcimer (stringed instrument)
Medicine man
Natural dyes root cellar
Painted pebbles
Soap making
Toys, games, and puzzles
Water pump (laundry)
Woodworking shop

Volunteer Craft Booths 
Not located in the homestead or Akokisa Indian village
(Period-correct dress is not required.)

Akokisa Indian beadwork, face painting, and headbands
Candle making
Corn husk dolls
Frontier wagon photos
Possibles bags
Rope making

Resources such as settler life information packets, literature that can be checked out, period-correct costumes that can be borrowed, one-on-one training, living history field trips, and free training workshops are available to help get you started.