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The plant diversity within Jones Park is vast, with over 750 species, rivalling some of the world’s best known preserves. Click here for a complete list of non-cultivated plants at Jones Park (PDF). The forest is dominated by the towering loblolly pine trees, which are found throughout all the plant communities of the park. Other plants within Jones Park include: 

Upland canopy-staff-2006

Upland canopy species include black hickory, common persimmon, post oak, southern magnolia, southern red oak, sweet gum, water oak, and white oak.

Upland mid- and understory-staff-2006

Upland mid- and understory trees include American holly, black cherry, eastern hop-hornbeam, eastern redbud,flowering dogwood, fringe tree, green hawthorn, little hip hawthorn, red bay, sassafras, and yaupon.

Bottomland and swamp canopy-staff-2006

Bottomland and Swamp canopy species include American elm, bald cypress, cedar elm, Drummond red maple, green ash, sweet gum,water hickory, water oak, and willow oak.

Bottomland and swamp mid- and understory-staff-2006

Bottomland and swamp mid- and understory tree species include American snowbell, farkleberry, elderberry, and ironwood.

Riverbanks and open wet areas-staff-2006

Riverbanks and open wet areas are lined by American sycamore, black willow, box elder, and river birch.


Vines are abundant and include Alabama supplejack, Carolina jasmine, catbriar, climbing hempvine, coral honeysuckle, crossvine, dutchman’s pipe vine, muscadine grape, mustang grape, poison ivy, saw greenbriar, and trumpet creeper.

Flowers, grasses, sedges, reeds, rushes, ferns, and mosses. Photo of Blackberry (Rhubus sp.) flower by Paul Roling

Flowers, grasses, sedges, reeds, rushes, ferns, and mosses are too numerous to list here. Some highlights of the more uncommon species found at Jones Park include American mandrake, creeping burhead, green dragon, meadow pinks, October ladies’ tresses orchid, sand palafoxia, and Texas tauschia.