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Jones Park is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and the natural wonder of Spring Creek's white sand beaches while practicing your fishing skills.

Anglers ages 17 and older are required by law to possess a valid Texas fishing license with a freshwater stamp. All fishing regulations and license requirements can be found on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's website, or in their Outdoor Annual publication. All fishing requirements and regulations are enforced by Texas game wardens.

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Web site, a license is not required if you:

  • are under 17 years of age. 

  • were born before Sept. 1, 1930. 

  • have mental disabilities and are participating in a medically approved therapy, under the immediate supervision of personnel approved or employed by a hospital, residence, or school for those with mental disabilities. The person with mental disabilities must carry credentials identifying the entity supplying the service. This authorization may be in the form of an identification card that contains the name of the sponsoring entity. 

  • are a person with mental disabilities and you are fishing under the direct supervision of a licensed angler who is a family member or a licensed angler that has permission from the family to take the person with mental disabilities fishing. While fishing, the person with mental disabilities needs a note from a doctor stating the person has been diagnosed as mentally disabled.

When to Fish at Jones Park
Late winter and early spring are the most favorable times of year for catching white and striped bass. Contact the nature center for current water conditions.

Fishing Programs for the Entire Family
A variety of fishing programs designed to teach angler ethics, fish identification and habitats, knot tying, and other essential angler skills are offered at Jones Park. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s junior and master angler workshops are offered periodically. Please check the program schedule for upcoming fishing programs.

  • White Bass Fishing
  • Junior Angler Workshop
  • Fish of Spring Creek
  • Water Ecology

For more information on fishing programs, please refer to the current program calendar schedule.