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Jones Park is home to a vast array of spiders, although most go unseen by park visitors. Spiders are not bugs or insects: they are part of the Arachnida (arachnids) class that also includes scorpions, mites and ticks, and harvestmen (daddy-longlegs). You can tell a spider by its two body parts: 1. the head and thorax (first body section) make up the cephalothorax, which the eight legs are attached to; and 2. the abdomen.

Golden silk orb weaver by Paul Roling

All spiders are predators, but only some build elaborate trapping nets like the golden silk orb weaver (commonly called golden orb weavers or banana spiders). This large spider builds her big yellow web near or across trails, which make her easy to spot particularly during the hot summer months. Some species, like the six-spotted fishing spider, hunt near or on the water and can catch small fish and tadpoles while other species, like the phidippus jumping spider, pounce on their prey.


Commonly found arachnids at Jones Park