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Harris County Precinct 4 strives to offer the best possible services available to area residents. Part of this commitment involves environmental education and recreation throughout the precinct's park system. 

The Precinct 4 Outreach Program provides a lively addition to existing curricula that meets TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) test requirements to schools in science, and to libraries on an array of topics, ranging from native wildlife and plant adaptations and habitats to pioneer life. 

The Outreach Program focuses on local or native topics such as bats, birds (including raptors), butterflies, frogs, insects, invasive species, trees, venomous snake identification, wetlands, and more.

Harris County Precinct 4 is proud to offer this program to libraries, schools, and other nonprofit organizations free of charge. For more information about the Precinct 4 Outreach Program, please e-mail the outreach director.

Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center has compiled a speakers guide that offers information about organizations and individuals who provide outreach to the public. Harris County Precinct 4 and Jesse H. Jones Park do not endorse any specific program or product.

Outreach Directory (PDF)